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Advocateliberty.com provides Grove City students a forum to publish and review articles and papers. This helps the GCC Students for Liberty engage the campus by fostering an environment of scholarly pursuit and undergraduate research aimed at developing the philosophy of liberty. We also write, review, and publish articles in the Grove City College student run newspaper, The Collegian.

Below, one can find links to student research, student opinion, and web resources that help students develop a deeper understanding of free action and individual liberty.


In Brief – FEE Daily News item/article

Mises.org Daily Articles


Mises.org – Video/Audio Podcasts, audio speeches/lectures

FEE – Austrian economics audio and video


Lew Rockwell’s blog – Breaking News and Commentary

Austrian Network – Fans of Austrian Economics

Sheldon Richman – Great blog from editor of the Freeman & former Pres. of FEE


Libertarians for life – Pro-life site for libertarians

Bureaucrash – Freedom activist network

Free State Project – Libertarians relocating to New Hampshire

Inflationomics – The truth about inflation and its consequences


Mises Institute – Books, Shirts, etc.

Libertarian Press – Books